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Do You Network or Tactically Socialise?

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Tactical socialising is based on the belief that you need to build and grow your contact list using the kind of tactics that powerful people use. The effectiveness of your contact list is directly a result of the methods and strategies you use to grow and develop it. I think that many business owners do not consciously work on their lists because they tried it once (joined a networking group) and did not like it or they do not understand the benefits of growing the list and selecting targets from the list to focus on.

Targets are the people who fit your typical customer profile as described in Chapter 4, or people who have access to your typical customer.

People often confuse socialising with networking and then they blend the two. Sometimes they get lucky and other times they do not. Tactical socialising involves knowing what your purpose is, identifying people who can help you achieve it (your target) and focusing on using all types of socialising to win over your target.

Tried it once and did not like it.
My first response to this is ‘Get over it!’ There are several reasons for not liking the meeting or seminar that you attended. It could be the members were not particularly friendly, they were too demanding, they were from the wrong business sectors, membership was too expensive, the meetings were far away and perhaps you did not get any business. The main thing about becoming a member of any group is to attend it a couple of times before actually joining and tactically select a group according to your target market strategies. Also, you may not come away with business from the first, second or third visits because you will need to build trust and friendships, and this can take time. Just go along to enjoy it and spend your time identifying targets to connect with later.

Five reasons for tactical socialising

  1. Your targets may be able to help you achieve your outcomes.
  2. If you ask politely, your target may display your marketing materials and/or products and by so doing, will be seen to endorse them.
  3. If you ask politely, your target may promote your services or products, especially if you offer them a commission on sales.
  4. It gives you the opportunity to connect with contacts who/that could become your sponsor and arrange a meeting for you with your targets.
  5. Strategic partnerships often start from disparate meetings.

What are your motivations?

Extract taken from The Business Coaching Handbook by Curly Martin.

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