Month March 2010

Month March 2010

Colin’s Coffee Break

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Once upon a time, long before I knew about personal development techniques, I suffered a reversal of fortune and turned from ‘entrepreneur’ status to being ‘self unemployed’. A newly established minicab company in my seaside town needed drivers, which seemed a good way to create some income until something better came along.

The first week was, for want of a better Read More

Some of our delegates are fast learners

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As a friend shook the snow off her umbrella, she remarked that spring is a little late this year. I really cannot remember previous years in enough detail to either confirm or contradict her statement. I am aware that the mornings are getting light earlier and the evenings are getting dark later, so spring seems to be arriving now.

Whether seasons arrive late or early, plants and wild animals seem able to have an auto-pilot system that adjusts their rate and pace of development. No matter when growth begins, they reach their best at exactly the time that is right for them and the continuation of the species. Read More