Curly-165Curly Martin FIIC&M, MAOC, MFSB, MSOA, using her 25+ years experience as a business coach mentor and trainer established Achievement Specialists in 1997. Thousands of people have trusted her with their training during this period. Curly Martin is the author of the International ground-breaking bestseller ‘The Life Coaching Handbook’ a World First, life coaching book written specifically for life coaches on how to build a life coaching business. This means that she is the pioneer for Life Coach Training. She has written ‘The Business Coaching Handbook’ and ‘The Personal Success Handbook’ which complete this handbook series. She has also written or co-written over 30 books and articles on coaching. Curly is a Fellow member and the International Head of Ethics and Standards of The International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring, which means she has met their highest robust standards. Growing numbers of people are joining the coaching profession and choosing to train with Achievement Specialists.

Suppose you had the opportunity to be taught by Jane Austen, Amy Johnson, Jimi Hendrix or one of your personal champions, where you could watch them perform and be able to discuss with them certain aspects of their performance, the ones you want to perfect. Curly is the forerunner of life coach training, a pioneer and groundbreaking author and you can be taught by her. I want to be taught by a pioneer