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I know it is predominately an American day but What a great idea having a day to celebrate all the people who have been diagnosed with cancer and survived. I believe, you have to have had a terminal diagnosis to fully understand the devastation caused by such news. Once the shock of the information has settled there is the surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to contend with. Not to mention the strains cancer puts on all relationships and employment.

If you are a cancer survivor take the time to CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS!

New Website Now Live

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Curly has launched a new website to support the new Book Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years and the Facebook page of the same name. The website offers coaching for people affected by cancer and a self-coach 30 day download programme for cancer sufferers who do not feel up-to a full coaching session yet.

Copies of the new Book Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years can also be purchased from the site. Curly will be adding to the site as the year progresses to support people affected by cancer. Not just the cancer patient but also the family members and carers as cancer affects all people near to the patient.


Easter Offer

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I love Easter-time as for me it reminds me of all the positive aspects of Life Coaching and springtime. It moves on from death into new growth and because of all this new growth the animals start reproducing to maximise the opportunities of great abundance.

Easter-time and Life Coaching are full of energy, opportunities and new growth. Most people are excited when Easter-time arrives as it brings with it new life in all its forms and I always feel the same excitement when I am coaching my clients. Usually when a client comes to me for coaching they have been doing the same old routines a bit like the living dead.

Easter-time usually is accompanied by sunshine which brings out the best in people, it invigorates, it warms, and it lifts human spirits and provides the energy and impetus to take action. Life coaching does the same, it brings out the best in people, it energises clients, it lifts their spirits and confidence and it gives them the impetus to take action. It warms both the client’s and the coach’s hearts.

I love Easter-time and I love Life Coaching as both of them encourage growth and potential and I want to encourage you to grow to your potential so I have put together this Easter offer to inspire you to become the best you can be, so that others can, because of you.

#Cancer-Free for 20 Years Excerpt

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Chapter Twenty Excerpt
Daily Dozen Number 2
There are certain things that I do on a regular basis and although I have shared most of them with you throughout the book I wanted to put the things which I think are important in the maintenance of my #health in one chapter so you can easily find them. The daily dozen is not the whole picture of how I dealt with the #cancer diagnosis – it is only the 12 things I do now on a regular basis, 23 years later. The order of the daily dozen is not significant for me; I just do them in no particular order of importance, every day or once a week. Here is number 2 in the daily dozen list
Vitamins and minerals – I supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals. I know there are scientific studies which say that if you eat a balanced diet you do not need them. The challenge is that I cannot be sure the food I eat has been grown in soil which has all the nutrients I need. There is a strong possibility my balanced diet will be lacking in something. So I take a multi vitamin/mineral supplement every day to act as a back-up to the food I eat.

At the same time I take a 1000 milligram tablet of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which the body does not store and cannot make. I have to consume it. It is essential for healing wounds, it is also an antioxidant, supporting my immune system, and it forms part of the absorption of iron facilitation within my body.

I also take selenium because, like Vitamin C, it is essential for my body and my body does not make it. There is a lot of scepticism about the benefits of taking selenium only the information I read stated that there was not sufficient selenium in soil these days and being a non-meat eater I would have less in my food. So I take tablets to supplement.

I take various other supplements depending on the changes of my state of health. I am at the time of writing this blog about #cancer reading a marvellous book Niacin The Real Story, Abram Hoffer PH.D.,Andrew W Saul PH.D, Harold D. Foster PH.D. I am finding it a fascinating read as niacin is vitamin B3 and this means it is also a soluble vitamin which is not stored in the body. The book explains the many ailments that taking niacin can remedy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers

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I love this time of the year as for me it incorporates a review of the previous year and all the achievements, learning and challenges followed by the excitement of all the new ventures, goals and challenges I will face in the coming 12 months.
2016 has greater links with the previous year than any of the recent New Year periods. During 2015, I spent my free time writing a new book all about the 20 years plus of living since the cancer diagnosis. The book takes the reader from the moment of terminal diagnosis through the operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the many alternative therapies which have helped me to survive and thrive since. There are some very funny bits in the book and as you will imagine because of Read More

The More The Merrier!

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I was contacted by Sarah Maber a journalist as she was preparing an article for the Boots Health and Beauty magazine (November and December issue). The article is along the lines of how to reduce stress and delegate at Christmas and is called The More the Merrier!
Unfortunately, you cannot read the article on-line which means a trip to Boots to collect your copy. The good news is that the magazine is free.
In the article she says that you need to silence Read More

Death and Discworld

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Terry-Pratchett-hard-backsIt all started one murky day many years ago, when the only book left for me to read from a holiday cottage shelf was Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters. With a sad resigned sigh, I opened the book and started to read. I have not stopped reading Pratchett’s books since. My husband always arranged pre-orders of his new books as presents for my birthday or Christmas. He knew he would be on a winner to receive a big hug and kiss for his efforts.

If you have read any of his books, I need not tell you how wonderful and creative they are. If you have not read any of his books and you enjoy a romp then pick up any Discworld book, put aside any prejudice, open your mind and your heart and a whole new world will reveal itself to you and bring you hours of laughter and joy. You will be amazed by the clever parallel universe he creates with characters you will learn to love and look for in every book you read.

Terry-Pratchett-Paper-BacksI am not prone to public displays of emotion and I can honestly say I have not cried on the news of a celebrity’s death, until 12th March 2015 when I heard the sad news of his death.

Honestly, I was not sad for him, he wanted to go before his Parkinson‘s disease took over his life. I cried selfishly, for my loss, the loss of no more new adventures, no more new books to smell and relish, no more looks of pride tinged with self-satisfaction on my husband’s face upon giving me a new edition.

No more:-
Granny Weatherfax a formidable character who reminded me of my own granny.
Nanny Ogg, who loved a drink, a song and it is implied, some sex, not necessarily in that order and most definitely she was the counter balance for Ganny Weatherfax.
Sam Vines a long suffering cop who married above his station.
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler who was always at a disaster selling smelly foodstuff to unsuspecting public.
Rincewind, the failed student at the Unseen University for wizards in Ankh-Morpork.
Captain Carrot.
I will not continue as I do not have the time to complete this list, suffice to say I will miss them all and the world is a much duller place without Sir Terry Prachett and the afterlife, a much more interesting place.