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Let your client drive the bus!

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Coaching Metaphor
Let your client drive the bus!

Remember that your client has all the resources they need within them and resist the temptation to give advice or directional contributions to the coaching session. Simply get on your clients bus and go along for the magical mystery tour letting your client do the driving and the coach becomes the passenger.

Passengers do not tell the driver how to drive, which route to take, how the bus functions, what to do in the event of an accident, they just watch interested in the scenery (behaviours) or asking the driver about the route (client background/goals/ideas) and which roads the driver could take to reach the destination (outcome). The passenger may mention a route they had heard about so the driver could have choices but the passenger does not drive and therefore the decision on the roads to take is down to the driver (client).

Sometimes the passenger points out things of interest along the way (successes/achievements) If the bus driver becomes lost you can look at the ordinance survey maps (Beliefs and Values elicitations) or the country map (goals) to decide which route would best get you both back on track towards the destination (outcome).

If the driver keeps looking in the rear view mirror at diverted traffic signs (their past failures), it is the passenger’s job to point this out and mention how dangerous and restrictive this type of driving can be. The passenger should be enthusiastic about the way ahead and the mystery and magic of a driving towards the destination and the pleasures waiting at their journeys end.

One of the temptations the passenger has to overcome is their own beliefs. For example; the passenger may believe he/she needs to know how to drive, the route to take, the engine, the cafes on route, the breakdown garages, the petrol pumps, before traveling on a bus. If the passenger relaxes and allows the mystery tour to unfold trusting in the driver and the universe instead of trying to direct, drive, instruct the passenger would enjoy the journeys he/she is privileged to be invited along. Just because the passenger has been paid to take the journey it does not mean they have to drive!

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