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Spring and Life Coaching

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I love spring as for me it represents all the aspects of Life Coaching at its best. Spring delivers sunshine and showers, the yin and yang of life. It is the sunshine combined with the showers which create the environment for new growth and because of all this new growth the animals start reproducing to maximise the opportunities of great abundance of food.

This has for me, huge resemblance to life coaching; Spring and Life Coaching are full of energy, opportunities and new growth. Most people are excited when Spring arrives as it brings with it new life in all its forms and I always feel the same excitement when I am coaching my clients. Usually when a client comes to me for coaching they are stuck and lacking in energy or direction. Just like being at the end of winter, the joys and excitement of Christmas and New Year are long gone and the days are still short, grey and cold.

Spring sunshine brings out the best in people, it invigorates, it warms, it lifts human spirits and provides the energy and impetus to take action. Life coaching does the same, it brings out the best in people, it energises clients, it lifts their spirits and confidence and it gives them the impetus to take action. It warms both he client’s and the coach’s hearts.

Spring also brings with it rainy days and stormy days and this can also be true for life coaching. Think about new growth for a moment, a snowdrop a spring flower. To grow it has to break the skin of the bulb and then it has to force its tiny stem through the impacted hard ground. Once it has broken free of the earth it has to grow and the beautiful flower head eventually has to break free from its capsule by pushing away the sides of the pod to enable it to show its best and achieve its true potential. Notice in the picture the snowdrop has pushed its way through a dead leaf to develop into full bloom.

Alternatively, think about the lamb in the womb of the sheep. It is safe, warm, easily fed and watered and is floating around in embryonic fluid within its own comfort zone. Then suddenly and violently it finds itself in the cold world, it has to learn to breathe, to drink from its mother to walk and then to fend for itself. All of these activities are scary, dangerous and exhilarating as the lamb grows in confidence.

These two scenarios are symbolic of the life coaching journey. The client has been living in a non-threatening, monotonous, safe and comfortable life and wants to experience the scary and exhilarating experience of trying something new. The problem for most people is that the scary and dangerous frighten them back into the safe and monotonous comfort zone of their life. The exceptional person realises this is likely to happen and hires a life coach to enable them to not only make the changes also to turn the change into the norm.

I love Spring and I love Life Coaching as both of them encourage growth and for life to bloom to its potential.

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