Curly Martin

Curly Martin

Accentuate the positives in your life


You can hardly ignore the news stories and headlines about recession, depression, inflation, stagflation and various other financial and credit-crunching buzz words.

Although you may not be able to ignore them, you might also feel that there is little that you can do to change them either. It is the need for reminders that, whilst it is uncomfortable to be between a rock and a hard place, there is always something that we can do. We can examine and, if necessary, change

our own attitudes, opinions and approaches as we consider actions that might alleviate uncomfortable situations.

An important component of coaching is to honour our talents, achievements, skills and capabilities and of course, those of our clients. These values provide firm foundational bedrocks regardless of fiscal factors, global politics and bad news days. Go ahead now, write or think of 5 things you are good at. Now be grateful for these things and for the new year where you can share this quick activity.

Accentuate the positives in your life and reward yourself with whatever treats you can afford without guilt or worry. From the entire Achievement Specialists team, our very best New Year wishes.

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Curly Martin is the pioneer of Life Coaching in the UK. She is an outstanding Trainer and Coach. To book one of her training courses go to