Curly Martin

Curly Martin

Britain’s Next Top Coach


I have news of an exciting marketing opportunity for all you working coaches and it came to me in the form of an invitation. I was asked by Britain’s Next Top Coach team to become an expert on their panel and after attending a meeting where all the details of this ambitious project were explained, I was happy to accept the position of expert.

I’m not sure what you might have heard about the Britain’s Next Top Coach competition but in a nutshell, against the backdrop of the 2012 Olympics, the organisers are looking to engage and inspire the people of Great Britain to believe in themselves, the power of their dreams and to step up and take action instead of feeling victims of their life circumstances. Does this sound familiar to you?

The competition has been designed to find, promote and connect the most talented and inspirational coaches, speakers and trainers emerging from within the self help and personal development industry to that ever growing number of people fed up, discouraged and frustrated with life and looking for answers to the challenges they are facing.

I was recently approached by Terry Malloy, one of the organisers, to become one of the competitions Experts. Having met him I can tell you that I believed so much in both his personal integrity and what he and his partner Ian Banyard are seeking to do that I agreed to take part. You can see my testimonial here – .

This is a huge, ambitious and exciting project to be a part of, and one that has the potential to really bring coaching to the attention of millions of people and I would encourage you to not only check it out but actually step up and take part. (Read our marketing section with the benefits to you of getting involved) You can find more details about the competition by visiting You will need to act now as the deadline is 31st December and entry is free! What are you waiting for?

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Curly Martin is the pioneer of Life Coaching in the UK. She is an outstanding Trainer and Coach. To book one of her training courses go to