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TimLife Coaches Mistake # 4
Trying To be All Things To All Men (and women)

When I first started A Daring Adventure I called myself a “Business and Personal Coach”. Quite frankly that was absurd and I had no right to call myself a business coach. But I was scared that I may miss on potential clients if I didn’t cater to everyone’s needs and as such wanted to cover every available base.

I see some coaches claiming to be career, business and life coaches? If that’s you, then you will make people very suspicious that you do anything particularly well. People want to work with specialists.
I’m a Life Coach who specialises in unsticking people and moving very quickly.
I say on my website that I don’t want to work with people that have productivity issues, I’m no good at time management, I’m not a career coach, I don’t take clients with anger management problems, I don’t coach kids and I won’t take on couples. Get the message? By telling people what I don’t do I make it easy for them to want to work with me.
Note: My only exception is when I do work with other coaches because I love that side of things. However, you would have to dig around for a while on my site to know I even offer that service as it’s nearly always word of mouth.
Tim trained with us way back in 2005. He has since emigrated to USA and built a very successful life coaching business. Some of his success comes from his generous knowledge sharing – he has written articles for our newsletter readers on many occasions and we are at the moment running one of his Coach series. I wish Tim continued success in all his ventures and thank him from the bottom of my heart for all his support.
Keep up the good work Tim.
Extract taken from Special Achievement Newsletter July 2012

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