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Curly Martin

5 Tips To Changing The Blues

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As all coaches know, there is rarely any single antidote to an undesirable situation and situations don’t come much more undesirable than feeling miserable, so if anything is getting you down at the moment, here is a list of ingredients that you can combine into your own personal recipe for reversal of your moody blues.

  1. A situation is neither inherently good nor bad, it just ‘is’. Your own perception is what causes you to label it one way or another.
  2. There is an equal and opposite upside to every downside. It may take some radical changes of attitude to discover it, and you can be sure that the upside is there and worth finding.
  3. The laws of physics suggest that just about everything moves in cycles which repeat at regular intervals, so decide to weather the lows of life in the certain knowledge that the highs must follow as day follows night.
  4. Enjoy the early summer sunshine, enjoy your leisure and perhaps, even more importantly, enjoy your work. If you simply cannot enjoy your work, then consider what work you would enjoy and see what steps you can take to move towards it. Coaches are great at assisting you to review your options.
  5. Avoid waiting for ‘conditions’ to improve before you start something new, for that is just another form of procrastination. You may not be able to change the world, you can always change your outlook on it.

If, even then, you don’t see light at the end of the tunnel, then grab an imaginary torch and create your own light powered with a positive attitude and sustained with enthusiastic motivation. Look at the picture of the bluebells and rejoice that you can see and you can read many people cannot do either.

Then, instead of being miserable you will impress yourself with the ability to turn your feelings around. Remember, you decide or choose how you feel and you can choose to feel good.

Extract taken from Special Achievement Newsletter June 2008

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