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Which Coach Training Course Is The Best?

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Coaching practice being observed

Coaching practice being observed

The question is not ‘Which coach training course is the best?’

What you really want to know is

‘Which coach training course is the best one for me, with my budget, with my experience, with my competencies and with my learning style?’

I have designed a free (No need to give us your details) form to help you decide which training provider will provide you with in-depth, established, renowned training for you to confidently launch yourself as a successful coach and businessperson. It is based on the briefing matrix which can be found in my seminal book, ‘The Life Coaching Handbook’ and I have spent time adapting it (first adapted 2003) so that it is easy for you to choose a coach training course which closely matches your needs. A good life coach training course will involve a considerable investment from you, after all, you are looking to be trained as a coach and to learn how to set up a coaching business. You now the saying, ‘You get what you pay for’ this is very true when purchasing a career changing course.

Here are the top 10 things when choosing which is the best coach training company or coaching course.


  1. Has the course been accredited by an external professional institute or body? This will show you that the course has high standards. The course has been examined by people other than the company employees and has passed their standards. The International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring for example.
  2. Type of coaching you will be offering. Do you want your own business or to be employed? Most people want to be their own boss and this is a great way to do this.
  3. Does the course offer support during and after your training?
  4. Affordability – what is your budget? Remember you will need more than just the cost of the course, you will need some money to start your business and for marketing.
  5. Does the course content include coaching, business start-up, marketing, selling skills, legal aspects, insurance, balance of practical and theory?
  6. How many students will be in your class? If we will not let our children learn in classes over 25 students, why do we think we can learn in larger classes? Will all your coaching practice be observed and supervised by a qualified coach? This is important, only if, you want to have a high standard of proficiency and competency.
  7. Does the course offer a 1 to 3 ratio, one supervisor to 3 delegates and a table to work on or  will you have your notes on your lap and not be observed or supervised by a qualified coach or mentor. Comfort and immediate feedback is essential for fast learning and developing sufficient competencies and skills from the start.
  8. Does the course give you a start-up kit with all forms and models you will need at the beginning including a coaching log.
  9.  Does the course provide a continuous professional development process? You need this in the event that licensing of coaching becomes a requirement.
  10. Is there an online coaching community for you to interact with? A community of coaches will give you confidence that there is always a group of like minded people to talk to and ask questions.

So before you part with your hard earned money, make sure you know what you want, when you want it, how much you have to pay for the course and for your business start up, also check if the course been externally accredited by a professional coaching body.

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