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Good Health or Bad Health each has an impact

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Stop for just a few seconds and ask yourself, ‘How is my health today?’, followed by ‘Am I in good health or am I in bad health?’ Know this, however you answered it will be true for you!
Now I am interested in how you decided on your answers. You see, when I ask my clients these questions for the majority, the answers are based on their physical health. What about you?
Health for me encompasses physical health and mental health. For the most part, if you are healthy physically and take regular physical exercise this has a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Both are intimately linked and both have impacts on the other.
Here is how I used my mental activities to impact my physical health during my recovery form terminally diagnosed cancer.
I was not prepared for the dips in my emotional state during the radiotherapy. I am not sure if it is because the radiotherapy came at the end of my treatment and I was already pretty exhausted or if it was as a direct result of the radiotherapy. I would just burst into tears for little or no reasons and the way that I handled these moments if I was at home, was to put on a funny movie and start to laugh, physical response. If I was out I always carried a funny recording so I could play on the go. Humour healing has been recognised as having a positive effect on the immune system.
Humour tackles both physical health, a belly laugh really rocks your system, and mental health, as your mind enjoys the humour. The physical action of laughter releases endorphins into your body which have an opioid effect. Natural high!
Go have a laugh! Improve your chances of success.

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