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Curly Martin

The Wealth of Health

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I am really behind this saying from Ghandi because I know exactly what impact chasing wealth can have on one’s health. I also have intimate knowledge of the wealth of health! Being diagnosed with Cancer had the positive effect of enlightenment for me.

Don’t get me wrong! I love and adore wealth, only

not at the expense of my health. I love the wealth of knowledge, the wealth of friendships, the wealth of peace, the wealth of the universe and this also includes the wealth of money. I just do not let the money side of wealth take on greater value than anything else in my life.
If I find I am chasing the £ or $ then I stop myself in my tracks and ask this simple but powerful question,

“Will doing this affect my health in a negative way?”
If the answer is possibly or yes, I find a different way forward. I either change my outcome or change the route to the outcome. Easy!

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Curly Martin is the pioneer of Life Coaching in the UK. She is an outstanding Trainer and Coach. To book one of her training courses go to

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