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Curly Martin

Autumn Appraisal

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wooden-road As I march my way through autumn, I realise the year has galloped away with me and I have not achieved all the things I started out to achieve. Now normally I would start to beat myself up about this lack of commitment to goals and achieving them. After all said and done, as life coaches we promote the setting of and achieving of goals as the mainstay of our activities as coaches. So how come I am not getting upset

with myself for this lack of achievement, I hear you say!
Well the truth is it has been one of the sunniest summers in recent memory here in the West Country and I spent a lot of my spare time out enjoying each moment of being alive in the sunshine! My goals can wait until the winter weather pulls in and I am happy to be sitting at a computer bashing out text on a keyboard. The very transience of the sunshine in summer in the West Country and the amazing fact that I am my own boss has meant that I have been able to enjoy the sunshine much more than most people. So when the sun shone, once I had completed the immediately urgent tasks, I would ask my husband to load up the bikes, I would pack a picnic and off we would jolly well go!
You see, the cancer experience taught me that life is precious and for the living. So, providing the important things were achieved I made up my mind to enjoy this unique summer to its fullest. Thus, now that autumn has arrived in full I am ready and willing for it to come into my life. Unlike many previous years, when after a wet summer I would be dragged screaming and kicking into autumn believing that autumn should wait until we had had a summer (summer meaning sunshine). Interestingly, I have spoken to many local people in the last couple of weeks who all agree that it is ‘ok for autumn to arrive; as we are all ready for it because we have had a brilliant summer.
Going back to the original yearly goals set and not achieved. Well, funnily enough I was contacted by a new company and asked to do some filming with them which has necessitated my completing some of the original year goals. Weird or what? The universe always has a way of moving you along on your life’s purpose. This does not mean that you should not set goals and get ready for 2015, only that goals can be flexible and if, at the end of the day you have spent the time wisely, it is ok to delay or change your original goal.

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