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Curly Martin

You Choose To Believe Your Own Beliefs. Therefore You Can Choose To Change Them.

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Life Coaching Handbook Bestseller

Life Coaching Handbook Bestseller

You Choose To Believe Your Own Beliefs. Therefore You Can Choose To Change Them.  Extract From The Life Coaching Handbook. Everything You Need To Be An Effective Life Coach, Chapter 4 Essential Coaching Beliefs.

Anthony Robbins says,

‘It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped’.

One of your key moments of decision is when you decide not to believe in limiting beliefs and then help your clients to do the same.
Here is a very powerful and easy way to change old habits and beliefs. Think of a person who you consider to be very skilful in what it is that you want to be able to do. Now model that person. Stand in front of a mirror (in private) and mimic the ways they hold their body, talk, laugh, breathe, move and anything else you can think of.
Consider how they get what they want, how they stand, sit, walk, gesticulate. Think about what they do that you currently do not do. Then ask this question, ‘What would you need to believe in order to behave in this same way?’ When you and your client know the answer to this question, the key to developing the desired skill is within your reach.
Use this technique to help you develop yourself and your clients. When your clients name a person that they wish to emulate, you must examine the underlying reasons behind their choice of this model. What is the skill that they wish to acquire and does the model have it in abundance? Is it truly the skill that they desire or simply their model’s lifestyle? Ask them to think of others who have the desired skill as this opens up their possibilities and allows them to really explore their desire for it. The crucial question that must always be answered is, ‘What does the model have to believe in order to have their success in that skill’?
Practising these belief-changing techniques will help you to know that they work. Once you believe in the success of a technique you are able to make it available to your client with sincerity and assurances that it really is effective.
Some of your clients may have attended personal development courses or seminars and will have heard about limiting beliefs. When this happens you can simply weave belief-changing suggestions into your normal coaching sessions. Clients who have no prior knowledge will need to be very carefully guided through the whole subject of belief changing, as it can be difficult to grasp when it is first heard. You may wish to write out the belief changing exercise and ask such clients to complete it for discussion at a later session.

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