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10 Tips on Goal Setting

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“Why set any goals?” I hear you say. Fair comment, only before you go, just do this little thing for me.
Look at the picture and spot all the yellow things in the picture. Have you done that? Great now…

How many black things did you see?

“THAT’S NOT RIGHT! I hear you scream. Ok, I asked you to look for the yellow things in the picture. The reason I tricked you was so that you could see the power of focus. Because you were focussed on looking for the yellow you dimmed out the other colours, or at the very least, you only vaguely saw the other colours.

This is how goal setting works. What I mean by this is that if you have a goal you want to achieve, once you have written it down gaining clarity in the process, you will start to see all the possible ways you can achieve the goal. You will spot things that normally you would barely notice simply because the thing you spotted can take you one step further into your goal achievement.

Don’t believe me? Ok, let me explain in another way.

Pretend for the moment last week you decided you were going to buy a car. You do some research and decide you want to buy a Land Rover Evoke. You visit some garages to see what kinds of deals you can get. Finally, you decide on the garage, you go into the garage and buy the Land Rover Evoke and drive it away. How many Land Rover Evoque’s do you see on the road now? Suddenly, they are everywhere in every colour.

You know what I mean if you have ever made any special purchase, once the decision is made to buy, suddenly you see it/them everywhere.

The same is true of setting goals. Without them you just drift along and if you are happy to be mediocre like most people that is fine. If however, you believe you were born for a purpose, that you have a destiny and you want to make your mark in the world, then you will need some goals to get you there. Here is a plan to setting goals.

1. Decide specifically what you really want. Work carefully through each of the life areas.

2. Imagine what it will look like, feel like and the sounds of success you will experience – as if you have already achieved the goal.

3. Write it down clearly and specifically with as much detail as you can. You should feel excited at this stage. (If not, go back and start again, asking yourself ‘is this really my goal or what I think I should have as a goal?)

4. Identify your current situation with where you want to be.

5. Establish reasons for wanting this goal. Your passion for the goal.
The more reasons you have the stronger the goal and the higher the chance of successful completion.

6. Decide on a completion date for your goal.

7. Make an activity list of all the actions you will do to achieve your goal. ( You will be coached on these during the weekend )

8. Organise your list into a plan of action by putting similar activities together in an order of priority.

9. Take action now! Yes right now do one thing to move you forward.

10. Resolve & Reward. Resolve to do something every day that moves you towards your major goal and reward yourself for achieving your goal Decide how will you celebrate!!

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