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The More The Merrier!

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I was contacted by Sarah Maber a journalist as she was preparing an article for the Boots Health and Beauty magazine (November and December issue). The article is along the lines of how to reduce stress and delegate at Christmas and is called The More the Merrier!
Unfortunately, you cannot read the article on-line which means a trip to Boots to collect your copy. The good news is that the magazine is free.
In the article she says that you need to silence

the inner control freak. I offer a four step process to silencing the negative inner voice and then replacing the negativity with a positive affirmation which is given to the readers.
I am quoted again when she dicusses how to stop comparing yourself with oters. Especailly on social media.
Finally, I am quoted regarding delegation before and during christmas day. Sarah has written an interesting and informative article which I trust will give some mothers courage to let go and enjoy whatever comes along.

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Curly Martin is the pioneer of Life Coaching in the UK. She is an outstanding Trainer and Coach. To book one of her training courses go to

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