Curly is working with the The Aspire Foundation as a Volunteer Mentor

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Curly is working with the The Aspire Foundation as a Volunteer Mentor.

‘We are committed to making a difference for women and girls throughout the globe. With your help we can make this a reality and so create a ripple effect of positive change across the world.’ Dr Samantha Collins, Founder The Aspire Foundation for the Empowerment of Women simply, but effectively, creates pro-bono mentoring opportunities for women working in charity or non-profit organizations throughout the globe, matching them with experienced women in business.

Reframing A Clients Picture Of the Event

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Reframing is a brilliant tool in allowing you to help your clients to escape from being ‘stuck in a rut of thinking’. You may be familiar with the well used saying, ‘Is the cup half empty or half full?’ Reframing allows you to move your client from seeing a half empty cup to seeing one that is half full.

It is essential that you can spot the Read More

Envelope Economics

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The last seven years have seen record levels of bankruptcy, from global corporations through to banks, smaller businesses and individuals. There are many causes, reasons and excuses but they nearly all stem from the simple error of spending more than income.

Until the 1950’s, very few ‘working people’ had a bank account and, of course, credit cards hadn’t been invented. Families managed their finances by using a crude system of envelope economics. This required that the content of each wage packet was allocated to its designated purpose before a single penny was spent. Read More

It’s Super-Boss! Wealthy Hire High-Cost Coaches

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I have some very exciting news for all coaches! If you have not been following me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn you will have missed the best article I have ever read on the impact and the reasons for employing the services of a coach to achieve greater business success. The title of this article: It’s super-boss! Wealthy hire high-cost coaches by Paul Sullivan, The New York Times, updated on February 11, 2014. This article also gives the rationale for coach pricing/fees. If you are Read More

Do You Network or Tactically Socialise?

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Tactical socialising is based on the belief that you need to build and grow your contact list using the kind of tactics that powerful people use. The effectiveness of your contact list is directly a result of the methods and strategies you use to grow and develop it. I think that many business owners do not consciously work on their lists because they tried it once (joined a networking group) and did not like it or they do not understand the benefits of growing the list and selecting targets from the list to focus on. Read More

Behaviours Responses Affect Confidence

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Understanding and getting in control of your behaviours will reduce stress and increase your confidence. Before we do that I want you to take a look at some interpretations of events. Is the picture of bunnies good or bad? There is a significant upside to getting in touch with your interpretation patterns as they can reveal some self-defeating and inappropriate behaviours. There are predispositions that may give you clues to the way you react according to your interpretation or view of reality.

  1. Black and white attitudes with no shades of grey. This is called Read More

Framing And The Coaching Session

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When a painting is framed it is not changed. But, the way the colours and shapes are strengthened or lessened can be dramatically altered and thus affect the interpretation intended by the artist. The frame can make the painting more appealing, more exciting, dull and lacklustre or, simply not worth mentioning. Artists have been known to spend weeks or even years choosing the perfect frame for their work. Framing is so important that they sometimes experiment by putting several different frames around the painting until they find the ideal one. The frame is uniquely suited to the picture and harmoniously enhances every fine quality and potential of the creative work.

So what has all this talk about artists, paintings and frames to do with life coaching? The ability to listen to Read More

Insurance for Coaches

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Are you insured?

On the diploma course I discuss the importance of being insured from the moment you start coaching. Way back in 2002 I negotiated a specially discounted insurance for coaches (both members and non-members) with Westminster Indemnity

I explain on the diploma workshop that there are three types of insurance available and here is a brief outline: Read More

5 Tips To Changing The Blues

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As all coaches know, there is rarely any single antidote to an undesirable situation and situations don’t come much more undesirable than feeling miserable, so if anything is getting you down at the moment, here is a list of ingredients that you can combine into your own personal recipe for reversal of your moody blues. Read More



TimLife Coaches Mistake # 4
Trying To be All Things To All Men (and women)

When I first started A Daring Adventure I called myself a “Business and Personal Coach”. Quite frankly that was absurd and I had no right to call myself a business coach. But I was scared that I may miss on potential clients if I didn’t cater to everyone’s needs and as such wanted to cover every available base.

I see some coaches claiming to be career, business and life coaches? If that’s you, then you will make people very suspicious that you do anything particularly well. People want to work with Read More