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Curly Martin

Colin’s Coffee Break

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Once upon a time, long before I knew about personal development techniques, I suffered a reversal of fortune and turned from ‘entrepreneur’ status to being ‘self unemployed’. A newly established minicab company in my seaside town needed drivers, which seemed a good way to create some income until something better came along.

The first week was, for want of a better Read More

Some of our delegates are fast learners

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As a friend shook the snow off her umbrella, she remarked that spring is a little late this year. I really cannot remember previous years in enough detail to either confirm or contradict her statement. I am aware that the mornings are getting light earlier and the evenings are getting dark later, so spring seems to be arriving now.

Whether seasons arrive late or early, plants and wild animals seem able to have an auto-pilot system that adjusts their rate and pace of development. No matter when growth begins, they reach their best at exactly the time that is right for them and the continuation of the species. Read More

Maintain an accurate and fair perspective about events

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On the same day that my first snowdrops came into bud, a leading politician said that she could ‘see green shoots of recovery’ in the global financial situation. In the local newsagent’s shop a young child pleaded with her father for ‘just another 2p’ to buy a comic. The nearby daily papers had front page stories of banks ‘losing’ billions of pounds. Later there were two removal vans in the road. A family was moving out to a rented flat after redundancy meant they had to sell the family home for less than they had paid for it. A young couple were moving in, clearly excited and delighted at their ‘bargain basement’ opportunity to get on the housing ladder. Read More

Accentuate the positives in your life


You can hardly ignore the news stories and headlines about recession, depression, inflation, stagflation and various other financial and credit-crunching buzz words.

Although you may not be able to ignore them, you might also feel that there is little that you can do to change them either. It is the need for reminders that, whilst it is uncomfortable to be between a rock and a hard place, there is always something that we can do. We can examine and, if necessary, change Read More

Britain’s Next Top Coach


I have news of an exciting marketing opportunity for all you working coaches and it came to me in the form of an invitation. I was asked by Britain’s Next Top Coach team to become an expert on their panel and after attending a meeting where all the details of this ambitious project were explained, I was happy to accept the position of expert.

I’m not sure what you might have heard about the Britain’s Next Top Coach competition but in a nutshell, against the backdrop of the 2012 Olympics, the organisers are looking to engage and inspire the people of Great Britain to believe in themselves, the power Read More

Quest For Happiness

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Goals, success, health, relationships and finances are probably the top five issues that many coaches are asked to deal with.

Every client presents with a unique set of challenges, circumstances and background and I believe that however long their list of situations, there is a common denominator to them all and it can be summarised in just two words, happiness and Read More