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What is Global Mentoring Week?

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On 9th November 2015, the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M) are launching the Global Mentoring week, in celebration of the leaders that bring ideas to life, and expand human potential.
During this week in November, the IIC&M will inspire mentors everywhere, through local national and international activities designed to educate, empower, collaborate and engage. We will be introducing a wider network to new possibilities and exciting opportunities.
This is the first of it’s kind, and one that we trust will grow from strength to strength in the coming years.
Are you a leader, a senior manager, then you too are a mentor. There are over 2500 categories we have identified where mentors play a part in sharing their expertise with their teams. We have mentors from Sporting, Education, Finance, Property and many more taking part in the week.
Are you already working with formal or informal mentor(s) or planning to do so? The IIC&M can help you with (accredited) mentor selection, mentor education and accreditation of your (informal) mentors.

Let your client drive the bus!

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Coaching Metaphor
Let your client drive the bus!

Remember that your client has all the resources they need within them and resist the temptation to give advice or directional contributions to the coaching session. Simply get on your clients bus and go along for the magical mystery tour letting your client do the driving and the coach becomes the passenger.

Passengers do not tell the driver how to drive, which route to take, how the bus functions, what to do in the event of an accident, they just watch interested in the scenery (behaviours) or asking the driver about the route (client background/goals/ideas) and which roads the driver could take to reach the destination (outcome). The passenger may mention a route they had heard about so the driver could have choices but the passenger does not drive and therefore the decision on the roads to take is down to the driver (client).

Sometimes the passenger points out things of interest along the way (successes/achievements) If the bus driver becomes lost you can look at the ordinance survey maps (Beliefs and Values elicitations) or the country map (goals) to decide which route would best get you both back on track towards the destination (outcome).

If the driver keeps looking Read More

No Blogs Equals A New Book Is On The Way

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I spent the summer writing a new book which I will be announcing later in the year. I am now finishing the final chapters and the editing will begin in earnest nearer the end of September.

The book is about my cancer journey and how I managed to survive, so far, 23 years after a terminal diagnosis. I was spurred on to write the book by David Vox, the Founder & President of, during an interview. He asked me what my plans were for the next 10 years and I said I was going to write another book; only this one was going to cover the cancer journey. He was so excited about the idea and asked me questions on what would be included and as I explained some of the content he became very animated – that is David’s style and it is very infectious. The end result of this interview is instead of the writing being in my 10 year plan it is now this year’s project!

Money Is Not The Driver

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As the quote says, ‘Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.’

I think this quote sums up Life Coach Training very neatly. What do I mean by that? Well, money offers a route towards wherever you wish to go. Just like the ICANDO coaching model we use, where you follow the process of the ICANDO model either in whole, or part, depending on your clients’ chosen direction. The coach will use the model when coaching to discover the Read More

The Wealth of Health

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I am really behind this saying from Ghandi because I know exactly what impact chasing wealth can have on one’s health. I also have intimate knowledge of the wealth of health! Being diagnosed with Cancer had the positive effect of enlightenment for me.

Don’t get me wrong! I love and adore wealth, only Read More

Wealth and Wants

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Before being diagnosed with terminal cancer I was seen as a high achiever and one to strive to earn more, keep more, have more. It is interesting that during this period in my life I thought I was happy. That is to say I was invited to the right parties, wore expensive designer clothes, went to the openings and right shows, entertained at the ‘in’ restaurants, drove the right car, you get the picture!
Then life threw me two brilliant curve balls. The first was Read More

Death and Discworld

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Terry-Pratchett-hard-backsIt all started one murky day many years ago, when the only book left for me to read from a holiday cottage shelf was Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters. With a sad resigned sigh, I opened the book and started to read. I have not stopped reading Pratchett’s books since. My husband always arranged pre-orders of his new books as presents for my birthday or Christmas. He knew he would be on a winner to receive a big hug and kiss for his efforts.

If you have read any of his books, I need not tell you how wonderful and creative they are. If you have not read any of his books and you enjoy a romp then pick up any Discworld book, put aside any prejudice, open your mind and your heart and a whole new world will reveal itself to you and bring you hours of laughter and joy. You will be amazed by the clever parallel universe he creates with characters you will learn to love and look for in every book you read.

Terry-Pratchett-Paper-BacksI am not prone to public displays of emotion and I can honestly say I have not cried on the news of a celebrity’s death, until 12th March 2015 when I heard the sad news of his death.

Honestly, I was not sad for him, he wanted to go before his Parkinson‘s disease took over his life. I cried selfishly, for my loss, the loss of no more new adventures, no more new books to smell and relish, no more looks of pride tinged with self-satisfaction on my husband’s face upon giving me a new edition.

No more:-
Granny Weatherfax a formidable character who reminded me of my own granny.
Nanny Ogg, who loved a drink, a song and it is implied, some sex, not necessarily in that order and most definitely she was the counter balance for Ganny Weatherfax.
Sam Vines a long suffering cop who married above his station.
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler who was always at a disaster selling smelly foodstuff to unsuspecting public.
Rincewind, the failed student at the Unseen University for wizards in Ankh-Morpork.
Captain Carrot.
I will not continue as I do not have the time to complete this list, suffice to say I will miss them all and the world is a much duller place without Sir Terry Prachett and the afterlife, a much more interesting place.

New Project

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In the middle of last year I was contacted by the directors of a new venture for coaches and asked if I would like to be involved. The company are and they are setting up a company to make coaching strategies from the top coaches available via videos, to anyone around the world. They were filming in London in September and wanted me to contribute some of my successful coaching strategies. I put together some ideas and after careful consideration we selected the most appropriate for the medium and the planned content of the website. David Vox, director interviewed me the morning of the filming just to get a feel for Read More